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Brown Leather Strap (no skin contact) SOS Talisman

SKU: 237700-215100
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Our team will optimise the size of the engraving on your medical ID for you based on the number of lines and characters to be engraved.

Product Description

A simply stunning leather watch strap style bracelet with the SOS Talisman capsule attached to the top of the capsule. This means that the metal from the capsule does not lie against your skin. This bracelet will look great worn casually or for a more formal occasion.

The watch style strap comes is adjustable and will fit wrists between 5" and 7" (13cm to 18cm). Note, this is the actual size your wrist measures. DO NOT add anything to the measurement of your wrist.

The SOS Talisman range provides vital information about the wearer in case of an accident.

If you are looking for a "jewellery" medical bracelet, look no further than our SOS Talisman range.

Are you diabetic? Are you a heart patient? It's all detailed on a unique information strip of non-soluble paper that's securely contained in the SOS Talisman capsule. The information is all there for on-the-spot identification.

The information strip headings are in six different languages and emergency staff are aware of SOS Talisman, so you have international protection when you wear this distinctive jewellery. Often handbags or wallets are lost or destroyed in an emergency situation, but with the SOS Talisman your vital details are with you all the time.

The SOS Talisman capsule is water-tight and heat resistant so your information is protected at all times.

Trusted worldwide since 1983.

Technical Details
- Diameter of capsule approx 23mm (0.9 inch). 4mm Thick.
- Strap Width: 24mm under tag, 17mm rest of strap
- Medium fits wrists between 5" and 7" (13cm to 18cm). 
- Large fits wrists between 6.75" and 8.5" (17cm to 21cm).

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Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5

15 customer ratings

  • 5

    Very well made

    Posted by Dennis H

  • 5

    This is just what I needed, and I like the no skin contact feature, very good quality, again fantastic.

    Posted by Ann C

  • 5 5
  • 3

    Wasn’t impressed by the packaging. I thought it would have come in a nice presentation box

    Posted by Jackie F

  • 5

    Better than I expected ,my partner was really pleased with is gift .

    Posted by Gwyneth

  • 3

    I don't think the item is good value for money. Nearly £50 is overpriced for the item that you receive.

    Posted by Mark C

  • 5

    A great item, my wrist comes out in a rash when my skin is in contact with metal - this item is ideal, it is not the first time I have bought this item, I bought one many years ago and it is looking great despite wearing it for work and for cycling but I have decided to treat myself and buy a new one. This will really last a long time- even if you wear it 24/7 . I would love to see the strap being sold as a replacement strap ( without the capsule) in black or the item itself being sold with a black strap

    Posted by Glyn M

  • 5 5
  • 5

    Just as expected love the item.

    Posted by Sandra M

  • 5
  • 5

    Good markings to indicate that it is a genuine leather strap....I hope it is and that it is durable.Other than that all is good

    Posted by Catherine T

  • 5 5