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Common Abbreviations for Medical ID Bracelets

22nd Apr 2024

What Is a Medical Abbreviation? There is a long tradition of abbreviations in medicine and many of these abbreviations have become commonplace in everyday life: for example, DVT for deep vein thromb … Read More

Benefits of Wearing a Medical Bracelet

22nd Apr 2024

Importance of wearing a medical bracelet None of us likes to think about the unthinkable. Still, a medical ID bracelet could be life-saving in an emergency situation, especially when the wearer i … Read More

Do I need to wear a medical ID bracelet?

17th Apr 2023

We’re often asked if you HAVE to wear a medical ID bracelet. The short answer is no – nobody HAS to wear a medical ID, but perhaps a better question is SHOULD I wear a medical ID?If you have a medical … Read More