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Product Description

In some cases, your medical ID bracelet or necklace simply cannot provide enough information about you and your medical condition / history.

Should you need to carry more detailed information, our Medical Identity Cards are the perfect addition to your more visible bracelet or necklace.

Our cards are available in a range of colours to suit you. They are the same size as a credit card and are made out of plastic.

Why not buy in addition to a necklace or bracelet to make sure your information is available when needed.

If you are purchasing a card as well as an engraveable necklace or bracelet, we suggest you engrave the last line to read "See Medical ID Card". This will ensure that the person attending you will know to find your Medical Identity Card for further information.

All of our ID cards allow you to enter the following:

- Name
- Address
- ICE (In Case of Emergency) Contact Name
- ICE (In Case of Emergency) Phone Number
- Date of Birth
- Nationality
- NHS Number
- Medical History
- Medications
- Doctors Contact Information

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5

21 customer ratings

  • 5

    Perfect card well made and printed

    Posted by Malcolm F on 23rd Jan 2019

  • 5

    Perfect card well made and printed

    Posted by Malcolm F on 23rd Jan 2019

  • 5

    card is great idea and looks good.

    Posted by Stephen R on 9th Dec 2018

  • 5

    I do not go ou t without my card I Suffer with multiple sclerosis so it is a great thing to carry because all any body would want to know if something did happen it is all on the card.Great thing to have. Thank You.

    Posted by Michael C on 29th Jan 2018

  • 5
  • 5

    Looks very good. A robust laminated card and the wording I input online came out very neatly prinred.

    Posted by Tony B on 7th Aug 2017

  • 5

    I find this extremely useful - holds all the relevant details needed in case of emergency (or not, as the case may be).

    Posted by Linda W on 13th Feb 2017

  • 5
  • 5

    Great quality thank you

    Posted by Elaine R on 1st Sep 2016

  • 5

    Ordered on Friday, delivered on Saturday. Very good

    Posted by Keith B on 15th Jul 2016

  • 5

    Fantastically clear and all relevant details to hand if needed.

    Posted by Linda W on 9th Jul 2016

  • 5 5
  • 5

    Very good everything fitted on card.

    Posted by Eric B on 24th Apr 2015

  • 5 4 4 5
  • 5

    Although there is a template for the card input details, there is flexibility to personalise to your own requirements.

    Posted by Pauline P on 30th Jun 2014

  • 3 5