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Product Description

In some cases, your medical ID bracelet or necklace simply cannot provide enough information about you and your medical condition / history.

Should you need to carry more detailed information, our Medical Identity Cards are the perfect addition to your more visible bracelet or necklace.

Our cards are available in a range of colours to suit you. They are the same size as a credit card and are made out of plastic.

Why not buy in addition to a necklace or bracelet to make sure your information is available when needed.

If you are purchasing a card as well as an engraveable necklace or bracelet, we suggest you engrave the last line to read "See Medical ID Card". This will ensure that the person attending you will know to find your Medical Identity Card for further information.

All of our ID cards allow you to enter the following:

- Name
- Address
- ICE (In Case of Emergency) Contact Name
- ICE (In Case of Emergency) Phone Number
- Date of Birth
- Nationality
- NHS Number
- Medical History
- Medications
- Doctors Contact Information

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Customer Reviews

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100 customer ratings

  • 5

    My family and friends now have peace of mind knowing i carry this around with me. it's more discrete than jewellery and contains all the information needed. great value for money. wouldn't hesitate to order from here should i need to. Great job!

    Posted by Lucy J on 11th Apr 2020

  • 5 5
  • 5

    Very good quality - credit card size product.

    Posted by Kirsten on 25th Feb 2020

  • 4

    Thought it may have been slightly bigger models for carrying alongside other essentials and fits into purse nicely but print and sizing overall ok.

    Posted by Melissa on 3rd Jan 2020

  • 5
  • 5

    Reassuring to have in my phone case.

    Posted by Kate S on 2nd Nov 2019

  • 5 5
  • 5

    Makes me feel more secure when out and around

    Posted by Ruth J on 29th Jun 2019

  • 5
  • 5

    Very good quality product

    Posted by Adam on 3rd May 2019

  • 4

    Very good I’d card very clear and understandable, thankyou

    Posted by Shirley P on 24th Apr 2019

  • 5

    Arrived very promptly, very happy with the medical card. Would definitely recommend the service to friends.

    Posted by Claire L on 3rd Mar 2019

  • 5
  • 4

    Brilliant phone service , having stalled at the last fence on Internet

    Posted by Emlyn H on 31st Jan 2019

  • 5

    The only thing I’d like to see different that would improve this card is by being able to add 2 emergency contacts on the same card. As this would be a good back up if you couldn’t contact the first. Other than that I can’t rate this identity card high enough.

    Posted by Hazel J on 6th Dec 2018

  • 5

    Great service next day delivered. Excellent price definitely use again.

    Posted by Michelle C on 27th Nov 2018

  • 5

    Writing is clear and easily readable, exactly what I wanted thank you.

    Posted by Christopher W on 28th Oct 2018

  • 5
  • 5

    Just as described, perfect.

    Posted by Leah R on 11th Oct 2018

  • 5

    I ordered two card before one for my wallet & one for my bus pass l had to order another one to put round my neck as l take epilepsy fits l took a fit the other day everyone saw my card round my neck so the knew l was taking a fit when the ambulance men came he asked what medication l was on l just show him the card round my neck they haven't saw any cards like that before they said l wish everyone would carry a card like that it makes our jobs much easier knowing what medication your on.

    Posted by David G on 10th Oct 2018

  • 5
  • 5

    Well worth having very pleased with the card it fits in my purse well. I have recommended already & will continue to do so. Thank you so much as this could potentially safe my life one day, although I hope I will never need it.

    Posted by Hazel J on 9th Sep 2018

  • 5

    The card looks great, good quality for the very reasonable price.

    Posted by Noreen M on 7th Sep 2018

  • 5

    Absolutely wonderful, fits in wallet perfect

    Posted by Wayne C on 12th May 2018

  • 5 5 5 4 5
  • 5

    Great quality ID card that is good to have with all your medical details on it so handy to have in case of emergency, easy to read.

    Posted by Shirley H on 28th Jan 2018

  • 5

    Holds all important condition and first aid information on credit card style card.

    Posted by Karen P on 4th Jan 2018

  • 5

    The epilepsy card fits my wallet it's that good l ordered another one.

    Posted by David G on 13th Dec 2017

  • 5
  • 5

    A high quality product containing a substantial amount of information.

    Posted by Malcolm E on 6th Sep 2017

  • 5

    Great for when going out for dinner and or a night up town. And for when you are dressing up and want to wear different jewellery but still want the your medical information on you in case it is required on the night. It's good have on you stop the paramedics and doctors at the hospital asking too many questions when you are feeling awful (let's hope none of us end up there).

    Posted by Brian L on 3rd Sep 2017

  • 5
  • 5

    brilliant making card so quick for me

    Posted by Steven W on 17th Aug 2017

  • 5
  • 5

    Everyone who lives with Epilepsy should have one. In an emergency, this comprehensive card can make a huge difference.

    Posted by Ingrid B on 29th Jul 2017

  • 5

    My order was placed on the Friday and the goods were delivered the following day. The silicone wrist band is comfortable to wear and the card had all the details that I needed on it. I would recommend this company and its products

    Posted by John B on 14th Jul 2017

  • 5 5
  • 4

    I placed order for card it arrived really quick but something wrong with printing at the bottom. However i emailed my concern and was sent out a replacement straight away. Really happy with products and customer service will be ordering again.

    Posted by Marie R on 24th Mar 2017

  • 5
  • 5

    Came like they said in 2 days always use this company for my epilepsy sos

    Posted by Babette on 26th Dec 2016

  • 5

    Slots right into my phone case which is ideal as I know I'll be carrying it without having to think about it!

    Posted by Sarah B on 22nd Nov 2016

  • 5

    Great product, exactly what was needed

    Posted by Laura M on 11th Oct 2016

  • 5