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Medical Bracelet with Clasp and Red Symbol

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Our team will optimise the size of the engraving on your medical ID for you based on the number of lines and characters to be engraved.

Product Description

A fantastic, stylish yet robust bracelet featuring a wide silicone strap with extra strong double safe clasp and a brushed stainless steel ID tag.

This bracelet is perfectly suited for work, sports or play and looks great whatever the situation.

These ID bracelets are made from silicone and are fully adjustable to fit wrist sizes up to 8.75" (22.5cm). You can adjust the size of the bracelet by removing the strap from the clasp and cutting the band on the pre-made score marks (one section at a time) to achieve a perfect fit.

Each bracelet includes an engraveable medical ID tag. We can engrave up to 7 lines of text (26 characters per line) on the front of the ID tag.

This bracelet features a stainless steel clasp with teeth on both ends to ensure maximum grip on the strap. The clasp also has a safety bar on it to prevent accidental opening.

Please note that these bands are not suitable for young children or very small wrist sizes due to the length of the tag.

Technical Details

  • Silicone bracelet.
  • Brushed Stainless steel, engraveable, ID tag 45mm x 20mm.
  • Fits wrist sizes up to 8.75" (22.5cm).
  • Weight: 34g at maximum length.
  • Tag Size: 45mm x 20mm.
  • Clasp Dimensions: 35mm x 22mm x 6mm (when closed)
  • Strap Width: 18mm.

Spare straps, tags or clasps can be viewed here: Spares

A video showing how to fit the bracelet can be viewed via this link: Click Here

This product features:

Free Delivery

Free Engraving

Rapid Dispatch

For Medical

For Kids

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Can Be Adjusted

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Credit Card Size

Can Be Engraved

Safe in Water

ICE Text Compatible

Customer Reviews

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5 out of 5

1026 customer ratings

    4 5 4 5 5 5 5
  • 5

    Easy to adjust to fit very pleased with it.

    Posted by Joye R

  • 5

    Nicely produced and finished. My wife is really happy with it and now wears it on all solo rides. Result

    Posted by Phil C

  • 5

    Very pleased with my I'd bracelet

    Posted by Guy W

  • 5
  • 5

    I was a professional quality engineer for many years, now retired, but this lovely item excels and is TOTAL QUALITY. Just great in all respects. I never take it off, it's always there for when it WILL be needed but I won't be able to tell the medics - I WILL be safe. A life saver. Not sure how you manage to make such perfect engraving although there's many words. The clasp seems better than the one on my expensive watch. Just outstanding.

    Posted by Louis D

  • 5

    Clear easily readable lettering. Simple to adjust to fit wrist.

    Posted by Alison

  • 5
  • 5

    Very good quality. Just what I wanted. Thank you

    Posted by Sharon K

  • 5
  • 5

    Very good product ‘ very good quality ‘’ very good service, fast delivery,well recommended.

    Posted by Claude S

  • 5

    Very good product engraving clear all information as requested

    Posted by Michael T

  • 5

    i am very impressed with my bracelet which i think is very good quality

    Posted by Chris L

  • 5

    Top quality components with clear and accurate engraving.

    Posted by Rich S

  • 5

    Excellent quality, sturdy bracelet. Fitting to size was easy following the supplied instructions.

    Posted by Adrian H

  • 5

    Putting it through its paces, but so far, so good. Very quick to adjust/fit out if the box with clear instructions. Comfortable and discreet. Simple things done well; it really is that simple.

    Posted by Robert W

  • 5

    Very nice and stylish, especially with the light blue band I ordered it with, would recommend to anyone who wants an easy to change (Band), long life medical bracelet. Suitable for swimming too as the writing is engraved so doesn’t ware away!

    Posted by James A

  • 5

    Its comfortable to wear, great I dont have to take it off when washing up ect. Engraving nice and clear, will have order again as I forgot to add a condition I have but definitely reccomend it.

    Posted by Elaine C

  • 5

    Easy instructions to adjust strap to fit, I have small wrists and its hard getting something that holds enough information and is small enough. Would highly recommend

    Posted by Tracy-Ann L

  • 5
  • 5

    Band is good quality. Nice watch style clasp. Engraving very clear. Would be nice if it came with a second band. Consider buying extras.

    Posted by Ross M

  • 5

    make you feel that bit safer if was ill

    Posted by Garry T

  • 5 4
  • 5

    Excellent customer service, fast delivery and a perfect product

    Posted by Mr C

  • 5 5
  • 5

    First impressions are very good. This bracelet looks a quality piece of kit. The etching is clear and concise. The strap was easy to adjust and fasten together. Just make sure you have it on your wrist when measuring and cutting! Comfortable and to be honest I don't really notice I have it on now after a few days wearing it on the opposite wrist to my watch. Only time will tell how durable it is. I am a very active person, who regularly swims, cycles, runs and works out in the gym, well see how how it holds up I guess. Overall very impressed and is far superior to other wrist ID bands I have had previously.

    Posted by Jason W

  • 5

    Absolutely great product. Info clearly displayed and very comfortable silicone band.

    Posted by Jennifer G

  • 5
  • 5

    Excellent quality. Lightweight but robust.

    Posted by Alan F

  • 5

    Great quality

    Posted by Robert S

  • 5
  • 4

    Not too easy to get the strap length correct. Did it eventually and I am very pleased with the bracelet.

    Posted by Barry B

  • 5
  • 5

    Great product - clear lettering and easy to read engraving. Medi bracelet for an 11yr old boy so, although there were a lot of colour choices, we plumped for the black strap - he has no problem with wearing it all day. Only 'con' I can think of is that it is slightly heavy with the sturdy metal fastening and info bar, so for a younger child you may prefer to go with one of the narrower options to cut down on the weight. Great choice for an adult tho'.

    Posted by Lorea H

  • 5

    Perfect for my 8 year old son, great quality and fast delivery

    Posted by Martin D

  • 5
  • 4

    It serves its purpose, I need to get use to wearing it.

    Posted by Bruce B

  • 5

    Easy to fit to your wrist, clear printing on lettering, excellent purchase

    Posted by Alistair D

  • 5

    Very good quick service product good quality & engraving done to a high standard backed up by excellent customer service.

    Posted by Barry D

  • 5 5
  • 5

    Excellent product and fast delivery. Thanks

    Posted by Glen W