25mm Green Velcro Replacement Sports Strap for SOS Talisman

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Product Description

This strap is 25mm wide and is made from webbing and velcro.

Technical Details
- Strap 25mm (1 inch) at widest point.
- Fits 18mm SOS Talisman Capsule
- Fits wrist between 6 and 7.5 inches (15-19cm).


You can view the full bracelet HERE.

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5

14 customer ratings

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  • 4

    The talisman is excellent but the insert is awkward to fit into it and there was no additional insert nor the holiday inserts mentioned in the enclosed leaflet.[|IDB]Thank you for your feedback. The accessory catalogue supplied with the wristband shows the holiday strip and spare inserts available to purchase separately, unfortunately these are not included with the bracelet. [|IDB]

    Posted by Penelope R on 13th Dec 2016

  • 5

    Great product, very comfortable wrist strap for daily use and normally the product lasts 5/6 months before showing signs of wear and tear. Great value for money.

    Posted by James H on 10th Aug 2016

  • 5

    Excellent product gives reassurance when whenever you leave home,or are unable to communicate with the relevant services

    Posted by Allison F on 15th Mar 2016

  • 5

    Exactly what I expected. Had an SOS Talisman necklace bought for me a as a child back in the 1980's as I'm now cycling to and from work and carrying no decent ID thought it would be ideal and is proving so.

    Posted by Carolyn R on 27th Dec 2015

  • 5 5 3
  • 5

    Very trendy. Quick and easy to remove with the Velcro should I find myself in the unfortunate position of a seizure. Just recently suffered a couple of seizures after head surgery and radiotherapy. This item has given me back some confidence to go outside alone

    Posted by Dougie on 7th Jun 2014

  • 4 5 5 4