Stainless Steel Pendant - Heart (inc. chain)

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Product Description

If you are looking for something that little bit special, browse our exquisite range of jewellery. Ideal for all medical conditions.

Available in hypoallergenic stainless steel and a range of designs, this is an ideal treat for yourself or as a great gift to a loved one.

Medical details are stored discreetly inside the pendant, on paper, enclosed with a rubber seal. You can write your details onto the paper insert once received.

All lockets have the Snake & Staff logo on the one side, the other side shows the words 'MEDICAL DATA' & 'UNSCREW'.

Technical Details
Pendant - Heart Shape (inc. chain)
Includes 20 inch chain
Height: 24 millimetres. Width: 26.3 millimetres.

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5

186 customer ratings

  • 5

    This is just what i wanted not to heavy and all my medical information fits inside. I have lots of lovely comments from friends and family i am very pleased with it and wear it all the time.

    Posted by Dawn N on 21st Mar 2018

  • 5 4
  • 5

    Is fine

    Posted by Yvonne F on 16th Feb 2018

  • 5

    A lovely girly design(the silver heart), that has the symbol on display but is discreet enough not to think everyone is staring at me! A brilliant chain which looks like it will stand up to sea swimming and snorkelling! Has put my husband at ease. Thanks guys.

    Posted by Kelly H on 15th Jan 2018

  • 4

    Need to be able to write extremely small and screw cap is a bit fiddly but nice looking item.

    Posted by Susan B on 13th Jan 2018

  • 5 5
  • 5

    Hate the chain but can see that offering options would be a problem. I would prefer some kind of clip on attachment to slip over a bra strap please!

    Posted by Elaine B on 5th Dec 2017

  • 5
  • 5

    This pendant will be for my Xmas present from my husband, but as I saw it, ordered it with his say so and then took delivery, I see that it is every bit as good as it looks in the photograph online, I'm really pleased with it. It will give me peace of mind when on holiday abroad, as a backup to the silicone bracelet I ordered earlier this year for travelling through airports without having to remove it going through security at the airports,but which only states about my lymphoedema, whereas this pendant will house all the information on my food and antibiotic intolerances too. I'm very happy and I also bought a stainless steel heart shaped bracelet for the lymphoedema earlier, which I wear all the time and the design has not worn off, unlike a previous one from a different seller. Cheers, I love these products.

    Posted by Julie T on 27th Nov 2017

  • 5
  • 5

    Really pleased with the quality of this pendant. Very attractive and useful too.

    Posted by Mrs E on 25th Nov 2017

  • 5 5 4
  • 4

    The pendant is very chunky and good quality but the chain lets it down. It would be better to sell the pendant without the chain or put a silver chain on and charge more.[|IDB]We will contact you to find out why the chain lets the item down. This comes with a stainless steel chain as the item itself is stainless steel. We normally have a silver heart pendant with a silver chain but the manufacturer is out of stock. If you want to purchase a different chain from elsewhere then you can send the current chain back to us for a refund on the chain.[|IDB]

    Posted by Mandy D on 8th Oct 2017

  • 5

    Lovely item. Heavier than I expected. I love it!! Makes an essential piece of jewelry a joy to wear,

    Posted by Debbie B on 29th Aug 2017

  • 5

    Really speedy delivery. Thankyou. I love the heart pendent. I found it a little tricky to unscrew but got there in the end

    Posted by Rebecca B on 16th Aug 2017

  • 5

    My 85 year old mother was thrilled with the necklace. It was easy to put on and it looks lovely on her. Mum's medical data has fitted neatly on the strips provided.

    Posted by Annette N on 12th Jul 2017

  • 5

    Quality necklace. Comfortable to wear.

    Posted by Catherine Q on 27th Jun 2017

  • 5

    Beautiful necklace very good quality and medical details are inside very securely, my mum loves it and it looks nice too,

    Posted by Kathleen on 3rd Jun 2017

  • 5

    Just as discribed

    Posted by Maureen C on 24th May 2017

  • 4

    Lovely pendant, heavier than i thought which is a good thing. The only problem is that the back section is very hard to unscrew! It could be difficult to take off in an emergency.

    Posted by Susan C on 9th May 2017

  • 4

    My mum is very pleased with it

    Posted by Judy C on 8th May 2017

  • 5

    excellent product and service thank you very much

    Posted by Laura on 18th Apr 2017

  • 5
  • 5

    It is an attractive piece of jewellery solid not light in weight just right. I bought this as a gift for my mum who is vstarting to get confused and forgetful I used to worry when she was out and about now that worry has been taken away thanks to the necklace.

    Posted by Joyce B on 25th Mar 2017

  • 5 5
  • 5

    Sturdy but beautiful. Waterproof. The best medical id I have owned. It makes me feel elegant but I can wear it all the time without fear of it breaking. I love it.

    Posted by Phillippa H on 20th Feb 2017

  • 5

    Ecellent wel, presented in its own box, quality of pendant is excellent very pleased with purchase

    Posted by Alan G on 8th Feb 2017

  • 4

    Good quality product.

    Posted by Paul S on 7th Feb 2017

  • 5
  • 5

    I love my ID pendant it lovely

    Posted by Evelyn H on 1st Jan 2017

  • 5 4
  • 4

    Not looked at product

    Posted by Roy on 13th Dec 2016

  • 5 5
  • 5

    Looks nice as well as being practical

    Posted by Gill Q on 16th Oct 2016

  • 5
  • 5

    Perfect for my needs.

    Posted by Kevin on 31st Jul 2016

  • 5

    I wish I didn't need to buy medical ID, but as I do this necklace is lovely!

    Posted by Paula N on 14th Jul 2016

  • 5 4 5
  • 5

    Love this pendant better than expected. Highly recommend.

    Posted by Jane A on 4th Jun 2016

  • 5