Child Seatbelt ID Strap

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Product Description

More and more children are being driven around in cars. Whether it is for the school run, trips to family and friends or for holidays.

These seatbelt ID straps are a great way of making sure that you childs details and medical information is available should it be needed.

This strap fits onto the seat belt of a childs car seat and contains a sheet of moisture resistant paper with all your relevent medical information that could help save your childs life in the unfortunate event of an accident.

These seatbelt ID straps were developed by John Mulry (Former Paramedic / Vehicle Recovery Specialist) and Brian Day (Police Officer / Motor Vehicle Crash Investigator).

Their combined years of experience responding to traffic crashes identified a glaring need. Precious time was being spent trying to identify each patient and determine their medical history.

The moisture resistant information sheet allows you to enter the following information:

- Name
- Sex
- Height
- Weight
- Photo
- Medical Conditions
- Blood Type
- Medications
- Allergies
- Emergency Contact Name, Address, Phone
- Preferred Medical Treatment Information
- Additional Information / Requests
- Consent to Treat Statement

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Customer Reviews

5 out of 5

11 customer ratings

  • 5

    Great product to enable medical information about your child to be passed on to paramedics in an emergency.

    Posted by Catherine B on 31st Jul 2019

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  • 4

    This is a great item but could do with being able to fit onto ADULT seat belts, but otherwise great item.

    Posted by Melonie P on 3rd Feb 2017

  • 4

    ID band works well. I use it for my eleven year old who doesn't need a car seat so maybe a band that is a little wider to fit comfortably on a normal seatbelt would be better.

    Posted by Andrew H on 17th Dec 2016

  • 5 5 5
  • 5

    Perfect, easy to use, just what we needed and quick delivery.

    Posted by Mary-Jane T on 8th Mar 2013

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